• JOSEPH MBAMBO (Pr. Tech Eng)
    N.Dip: Civil Engineering
    B-Tech (Urban Planning)

    Member of ECSA (reg: 201270376)
    Member of SAICE: (reg: 201300020)
    Member of WISA (reg: 25405)
    Joseph oversees all the Civil and Structural Projects within Mekan Group. He is a qualified
    and experienced civil engineering technologist who has gained 19 years’ experience in Civil
    engineering and design works. He gained extensive experience working in projects in and out
    of South Africa. During the period he has specialized in designing and hydraulic analysis of
    water, sewerage and storm-water network systems for various projects. He also has previous
    experience in highway design, topographical surveying, and structural design for both steel
    and reinforced concrete works. He has considerable amount of experience through working
    on the following design programmes: Civil Designer, Wadiso, AutoCAD, Prokon and Microsoft
    Electrical Engineering Heavy Current
    Diploma - Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

    Certificate in Project Management
    Certificate in Shopping Centre Management

    Gift oversees all the facilities management projects within Mekan Engineering Services.
    He assumes full responsibility for the Projects planning, development, and implementation
    of effective operations management policies, procedures, and planning. He has over 15 years
    of experience within the facilities Management industry. His experience ranges from assisting
    with long term Project budget projections. Developing policies and procedures and conducting
    reviews on excisting ones for projects operations and to ensure maximum efficiency. His
    expertise are within Coordinating and arranging third party services of maintenance contractors,
    suppliers, vendors, etc. dealing with contractors on daily basis.